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Óptimo Premium Coffee is an instant coffee that provides the right mix of ingredients to give you natural energy without any crash. It contains a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee, mixed with non-dairy coco-creamer and sweetened with 100% all natural coconut sugar. It is also enhanced with Green Tea extract for increased metabolism, Grape Seed extract a powerful anti-oxidant, and Ginkgo Biloba which aids in memory and cognitive function.

Óptimo Premium Coffee Cereal is a healthy on-the go meal. It contains Oats, Coffee and the superfoods Chia and Psyllium. It is also sweetened with coco sugar. This mix of ingredients gives you energy, essential nutrients while at the same time giving the body the feeling that it is full. The ingredients also help maintain blood sugar levels, aid in cardiovascular and digestive health.

We use low-glycemic, all natural coconut sugar (cocosap sweetener) for our products. Our coconut sugar has no chemicals of additives of any kind. It is certified low-glycemic as well as 100% organic, which means that it is diabetic friendly and just good for you! View our Product Certifications here.

Óptimo products can be found in malls, drugstores, and convenience stores in the Philippines. Including:

  • Robinsons
  • Metro Gaisano
  • Pioneer Centre
  • Mercury Drug
  • Family Mart
  • All Day

For a full list and to locate a distributor near you, please find Óptimo here

As much as possible Óptimo sources ingredients locally. Our coconut sugar, for instance, comes from farms in Davao.

When we are not able to source locally, we do our best to find the best sources for our ingredients. For example, our Chia comes from South America where the nutritional quality of the seeds is much more potent.

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