“Optimum Health for Optimum Living”

Opti-Life Innovations, Inc. was established last 2010 by a group of innovators who worked extensively with pharmacists, chemists, and food technologists to develop products that would promote health and wellness to the fast-growing market.

These products were subjected to extensive research and development – including clinical studies, market studies and market test to determine consumers’ needs and requirements.

Opti-Life has a mission to create and distribute outstanding, health food and beverages products. As such it is the first to offer Óptimo, a Premium Coffee Mix with 100% all-natural, low-glycemic sweetener made from coconut sap. Óptimo Premium Coffee is enhanced with Green Tea, Ginkgo Biloba and Grape Seed extracts that make it even more compelling for you to make the coffee switch today.

Our Story

Coffee is love. And that can’t be any truer than for us at Óptimo.

Our story began when we saw that our own kin was getting sick with constant headaches, fatigue, and other illnesses, and we were told that these maladies were largely caused by the unhealthy food and drinks in our diets. We couldn’t just sit and let people – including our loved ones – eat and drink themselves to their detriment!

So we rolled up our sleeves and got down to diligent research for natural, chemical free and healthy ingredients. We worked, tested and re-tested until we had the great tasting but high-quality and healthy products you now know as Óptimo.

A Spanish word that means excellent, Óptimo allows all of us to enjoy food and drinks that do not compromise our health, our future and the quality of our lives.

Enjoy a cup of our coffee or coffee cereal today, and stay tuned for more excellent products soon!

Our Mission

We live in a world of harsh chemicals and toxins. That is why we strive to give you the healthiest, affordable and convenient products. We work diligently to research new ingredients and formulate products that spread our vision of a bright, healthy and wonderful future.