At Óptimo, we have gone from painstaking and diligent research to product development and testing, all the way to securing product certifications and registrations with the Department of Health’s Food and Drug Administration.

With our products, you can enjoy peace of mind that you only ingest quality and healthy products.

Óptimo Coco Sugar

Low Glycemic Index Certification

Óptimo uses coco sugar also called coconut sap sweetener for its premium coffee and coffee cereal products.

Coconut sap is a low glycemic sweetener, with a glycemic index of 35.

Glycemic index is the measure of how fast your body can use carbohydrates in food as energy. A higher glycemic index means that the food releases its energy in the body faster creating huge variances in the body. Coconut sap having a low glycemic index (GI) has two main points; first, it is suitable for diabetics to take.

Unlike regular cane sugar, muscovado, or even honey which has higher GI’s, coconut sap will not cause spikes in blood sugar. Blood sugar spikes cause a surge of energy that quickly goes away to be replaced with feelings of tiredness or lethargy. The second point is that due to its “slow-burning” properties, the energy released by coconut sap is distributed over a longer amount of time.

Since blood sugar remains stable there is no “sugar crash” effect. Instead, the body feels a plateau of energy for a longer period. This makes it a great sweetener for health and sports buffs.

Food and Nutrition Research Institute
Low Glycemic Index Certification

Óptimo Premium Coffee Mix

With Coco Sap Sweetener or Coco Sugar

Óptimo Premium Coffee is enhanced with Ginkgo Biloba to boost your memory, Grape Seed Extracts to defend against diseases and aging, and Green Tea extracts to fight cancer as well as keep you slim and fit. Sweetened with Coco Sugar or Coconut Sap Sweetener, it has a log glycemic index.

Óptimo Premium Coffee Mix is a healthy instant coffee mix sweetened with 100% natural and organic coconut sap sweetener. That’s correct, we do not use chemicals or artificial sweeteners.

Óptimo Premium Coffee Mix contains three herbal extracts  Ginkgo Biloba, Grape Seed and Green Tea  that make it even more powerful and healthy so you get more from your money’s worth.

At Óptimo, we take pride in having more coffee in our products compared t most brands in the market today. As such, our coffee has a stronger brewed coffee taste which is enhanced even more by its sweetener.

This brewed taste is sought after by coffee aficionados. Generally, those that take their coffee black, or black with sugar also like the solid and bold flavor of Óptimo.

Óptimo Coffee Cereal

Your Coffee and Cereal in 1, with superfoods Chia Seeds and Psyllium

Óptimo Premium Coffee Cereal is a healthy on-the-go meal, perfect for today’s busy bodies! It also uses coco sugar or coconut sap sweetener. Coconut sap is a low glycemic sweetener, with a glycemic index of 35.

Óptimo Premium Coffee Cereal contains oats, coffee, and the superfoods Chia and Psyllium.

It is also sweetened with all natural and 100% organic coco sugar or coconut sap sweetener.

This mix of ingredients gives you energy and essential nutrients while at the same time giving the body the feeling that it is full. The ingredients help maintain blood sugar levels, as well as cardiovascular and digestive health.

It’s no wonder many consider Óptimo Premium Coffee Cereal the healthiest on-the-go meal in the market today.

Optimo Coffee Cereal FDA Certification
Department of Health Food and Drug Administration
Certificate of Product Registration for Óptimo Premium Coffee Cereal